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Professional Cleaning Services

Clean For Sure is based in Pretoria East and loves to clean your carpets, upholstery and rugs of any kind. Our powerful commercial carpet cleaning machines are very effective at lifting and removing dirt, harmful bacteria, mites, allergens, mold, pet urine and pet hair from soiled carpets, upholstery and rugs.

Wall-to-wall carpets

We wash carpets in empty rooms and offices. We charge per square meter and we do not move furniture. Allow a minimum of four hours before anyone can walk on the carpets. Probiotic treatment against fungi and odours is optional.

Loose carpets and rugs

This is our speciality. We wash rugs of all shapes and sizes at our premises in Lynnwood Ridge. Think Persians, Dhurries, shaggy rugs and more. We wash synthetics and rugs made of silk, wool, jute or cotton. Deliver your rugs and allow ten working days. Probiotic treatment against fungi and odours included in price.

Upholstery & mattress cleaning

Couches, office chairs and mattresses can be washed on location, or delivered to our premises in Lynnwood Ridge. Probiotic treatment against fungi and odours included in price. Allow ten working days.

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About Clean for Sure Carpet Cleaners
Our History and Mission

Clean For Sure is an owner-managed family business that was born in 1997. In the early days Thinus washed carpets by himself, but today his son Martin has joined him. We wash carpets, rugs, upholstery and mattresses with powerful water extraction machines.

Our niche is loose carpets and rugs. For example, simply deliver your favourite persian carpet to our premise and allow us ten working days to clean it thoroughly. Alternatively we collect all over Pretoria and Centurion.

Are you moving into an apartment and the carpets are stained? We are experts at removing stains and odours from carpets and rugs. So from dogs to cats to mice after a thorough clean your carpets and rugs will get a much appreciated clean.

Did an accident occur on your couch or mattress? Clean For Sure can wash and scrub at a time that suits you.

With our highly specialised range of natural detergents no odour, spot or stain is too stubborn. All cleaning is performed using detergents that are SABS approved and environmentally friendly. We don't waste our time with toxic cleaning products.

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Invest in your Carpets and your Health

Regular cleaning of your carpets prolongs their lifespan and cleaning furniture prolongs their durability. New research by a microbiologist has shown that dirty carpets can have over 30,000 bacteria per square centimeter. Molds can thrive in dirty carpets and cause serious respiratory problems. Since house dust mites feed on pollen, fungi, bacteria only a deep carpet cleaning will help keep dust mite populations low.

Our first choice for odour control is a probiotic deodoriser from the popular range of Mrs Martin’s Biodegradable Eco Friendly Cleaning Products. Mrs Martin’s Microbes and More developed innovative cleaning products together with a local world class manufacturer, using proprietary technologies under license from the CSIR.

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Your Carpets Dry Fast

After we have washed a carpet it is recommended that no-one walks on it for at least four hours in order for the carpet to dry without spots.

We work Monday to Saturday, holidays included. Just give us a phone call or even easier, send a Whatsapp message right now (see below).

PHONE MARTIN ON 083 607 0955
What to Expect

Are you in Pretoria, Centurion or surrounding areas? You can phone, sms, email or WhatsApp (see below) Clean For Sure. Martin or Lize from Pretoria East will respond to your carpet cleaning enquiry. An appointment will be made and your address taken down. We can roughly estimate what a job will cost over the phone, but a valid quotation can only be given once Martin has assessed the space. Work commences after you accept the quote.


You are welcome to read our customer reviews online from many past and regular clients all over Pretoria.

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